Resident Testimonials

Meet Marilyn and Uta, a friendship forged though volunteering their time planning and coordinating the social engagement at The Grange.
“Having moved from my own home to The Grange has meant a relief from the ongoing maintenance of a home and the companionship of like-minded people if and when I feel like company. By volunteering to coordinate the social aspects of The Grange has meant I’ve come to know the more active members of the community and we enjoy some good times together with exercise, morning teas, lunch outings and other outside adventures. A good move for me.” ~ Marilyn

"Peter and I chose The Grange at Berry because it is so beautiful. We love everything about the place, the people, the staff and the surrounds. Everything is just perfect for our needs.” ~ Elke

“I walked through the grounds of the Grange many years ago and always thought I would like to live here, it is amazing that, that dream has come true. The buildings, the walkways are just beautiful, I just love everything about the place. One added advantage that I also love is the security and the fact that the property is gated at night. I love the Community spirit and the welcoming friendly attitude.” ~ Monique